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Discover How to Overcome Your Binge Drinking, Heal Your Guilt, and Manage Your Stress

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How long have you thought about taking a break from Binge drinking?

A few weeks? 6 months? Over a year?

You might have been facing these due to binge drinking...

Lack of control

When alcohol takes over, control slips away. It's a feeling of being on autopilot, unable to steer clear of the next drink. But it's not permanent. Reclaiming control starts with recognizing the power within you to make positive changes.

Shame and guilt

Binge drinking often leaves behind

a heavy burden of shame and guilt. Regrettable actions and blurry memories weigh us down. It's time to lift that weight, forgive ourselves, and move forward with a clear conscience.

Stress and overwhelm

The aftermath of binge drinking can feel like an avalanche of stress and overwhelm. From pounding headaches to racing thoughts, it's a lot to handle. But there's relief in sight. Take a step back, breathe, and start fresh.

I've got some good news, you're in the right place!

In This "Binge Drinking Unmasked Video Series"

I will help you to know...


  • What is Binge Drinking?
  • Why do you Binge Drink?
  • Why have you been unable to control binge drinking so far?
  • Why has your therapy or counseling not worked?
  • How Shame and guilt go hand in hand with binge drinking
  • Random Triggers for Binge Drinking
  • You are Stress & overwhelmed by your job/life
  • Find out how you can eliminate Binge drinking Fast
  • Why is The Binge Drinking Rapid Reboot Changing Lives?
  • Different Types of Therapy for Binge Drinking How to Choose?

What past clients are saying?

Helping those who've fallen through the cracks, those at their last resort.

Meet Luke Michael Howard!

(A Clinical Hypnotist and owner of

LUKEnosis Hypnosis)

Growing up, Luke witnessed his father battle with alcoholism, which tragically led to his demise. Seeing his mother cope—or not cope—with the fallout left him deeply affected. After years of grappling with personal demons and finding no solace in traditional therapy, he stumbled upon a life-changing revelation. A simple hypnosis cassette breathed new life into his existence.

Luke works towards empowering career-driven, highly ambitious women to break free from the chains of binge drinking through his revolutionary 'Binge Drinking Reboot program. Using a blend of hypnosis techniques honed over decades of practice, he guides his clients toward sobriety in as little as 3 weeks, offering a pathway to freedom and renewed vitality.

Here are some of his biggest achievements :

  • Successfully assisted over 10,000 clients.
  • Recognized as the top Hypnotist in Toronto by the esteemed Toronto Star newspaper.
  • Delivers Global Hypnosis Training.

You May Have Seen me on...

You May Have Seen me on...

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Binge Drinking Unmasked Video Series To Stop Binge Drinking Now!

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